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3 Roof Hazards In Winter To Watch Out For

If you live in East Texas, you know that winter brings some of the harshest weather conditions. It can make driving treacherous and wearing a coat is necessary. But what about your roof?

Winter is an especially dangerous time for your roof because it can be susceptible to all 3 of these hazards: water, snow, and wind. Watch out for these 3 winter roofing dangers to avoid becoming too big of a problem!

Extensive Water Damage

Winter can be especially hard on roofs due to growing ice dams. Ice dams form when warm air from inside gets into contact with a poorly insulated roof. The warm air then melts the snow and ice, which seeps down to where your gutters are located.

If you experience heavy rain, extensive water damage can also occur. The accumulated water will get under your shingles and into your home. Even a few inches of water can cause significant interior home damage by damaging electrical wiring and triggering mold to develop in the structure.

Snow Damages

If you have winter snow, it can block your gutters and cause them to overflow. Most people don’t even look at their roofs when they shovel out the driveway or sidewalk, but this is a mistake because whatever falls on your roof will stay there until melted by either heat from inside or through warm weather spring temperatures; this is especially hazardous if your house’s roof is flat or shaped in a way that snow cannot easily fall down the sides.

Wind Damages

During the winter, loose or old roof shingles may be blown off completely by strong winds. When the winter wind is accompanied by hail or sleet, little pieces of ice can weaken your shingles and make them easier to carry away; this can make your roof more susceptible to winter’s other hazards like snow, ice dams, and water.

Protect Your Roof All Year Round In East Texas, With Dynamic Roof Systems

There’s no doubt that the winter season has an impact on your roof. Fortunately, the roofing experts in East Texas, at Dynamic Roof Systems are here to help winterize your roof against these winter hazards.

We are a specialized company in wind damage. From roof repair in East Texas to a total replacement, our roofing experts will help you protect your roof all year round. Here at Dynamic Roof Systems, we have decades of experience working with high-quality materials and the best labor and maintenance warranties Texas has to offer.

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